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Bedrock Books: Bog Bodies

By The Bedrock Content Team

19 Sept 2023


Delve into the captivating world of these extraordinarily well-preserved ancient bodies, that have endured the test of time for millennia. Uncover a wealth of fascinating insights that seamlessly blend historical, scientific, and geographical perspectives, offering a multifaceted exploration of this enigmatic phenomenon.

  • The oldest bog body ever found has been dated back to 8000 BCE (that's around 10,000 year ago!)
  • Bog bodies have been naturally mummified in peat bogs.
  • It's not just bodies that have been found in bogs - other objects like weapons, tools, jewellery and more have also been found.
  • The hair of a bog body is turned ginger by the chemicals in the peat.

This topic appears in the final block of Bedrock’s vocabulary curriculum, recommended for learners over 14 years old.

During this topic learners will encounter lots of challenging tier 2 vocabulary and many multi-modal activities that encourage them to identify synonyms and antonyms, associate vocabulary with images, use the vocabulary within sentences and free writing activities.


Analysing bog bodies can give us insights into the lives and customs of these ancient peoples, helping learners to appreciate that history is not just a collection of dates and events but a complex tapestry of human experiences, beliefs, and practices.

This topic encourages learners to consider the complex chemical processes involved in the preservation of bog bodies in peat bogs, as well as the ecosystem of the bog and how that interacts to preserve organic matter.

Not only does this topic look at examples of bog bodies found across northern Europe, it also considers the wetland ecosystems of peat bogs, the impact of climate change on these carbon stores and the human-environment interactions throughout history.

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