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Release notes: 14th June

By Ellie Ashton

14 Jun 2023


As part of our ongoing commitment to making teachers’ lives easier, we regularly review the feedback we receive from our partner schools to see how we can improve the way Bedrock is used - and make tweaks and updates wherever we can.

One popular area of feedback relates to the human-narrated audio within Bedrock. From today, audio settings can now be adjusted by teachers at a class level to reduce or remove the audio narration within Bedrock. Thank you to everyone for your continued feedback; you asked and we listened!

Teachers can now take control of elements of the audio experience for learners in their classes. Three different audio options are available, including being able to turn off the auto-playing audio for prose, questions and feedback at the class level.

Learners can still opt to listen to specific audio by clicking a play button, giving them the control to choose whether they wish to hear the human narration. Audio in videos will continue even if you switch the narration autoplay off.

Based on your knowledge of your learners, and your implementation of Bedrock, you can now select the audio option that is right for your class. Support those learners who would benefit from the human narration to improve their learning, and give greater freedom to others to control their own audio.

Be mindful that the changes you make will impact your learners' accounts when they access Bedrock both in school and at home.


This initial update to audio settings is just the beginning. We are committed to continually enhancing and expanding functionality based on your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for upcoming releases which will introduce even more exciting options to personalise the audio experience for your learners in Bedrock.

Keep the feedback coming, and help us enhance our platform!

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