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Improve Literacy in primary schools

A complete online literacy solution for primary schools

The award-winning way to transform your literacy curriculum and give every child the opportunity to develop confident communication skills.

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Impactful EdTech that is transforming learner outcomes

Bedrock Learning equips learners with the literacy skills they need to boost educational outcomes, whilst making teachers' lives easier. Save time, access high quality resources, meaningful insights and a complete literacy curriculum that is perfect for independent classwork or homework.

Grace Grammar

The Bedrock Impact



St Mary's CEVA Primary School

I can’t think of a programme that can support children in their vocabulary building better than Bedrock.

Headteacher, St Mary's CEVA Primary School, Kettering

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The Literacy Challenge at Primary

Even at Key Stage 2, low literacy limits access to the curriculum. It impacts a learner's results in SATs, restricts their potential at Key Stage 3 and even their earning potential in later life. Bedrock was created by teachers who have seen this first-hand. It will transform your literacy curriculum, helping you to improve reading comprehension and written outcomes and give every child the opportunity to develop confident communication skills.


The Challenge

“It takes time to create high quality resources”

The Solution

Our research-based curriculum and learning sequence follows best practice and ensures every learner has access to quality resources to improve literacy. We’ve done that work, saving you time.


The Challenge

“Measuring literacy improvement can be tricky”

The Solution

Our assessment and reporting tools provide you with deep, meaningful insights into how vocabulary and grammar are improving at the school, class and learner level. We provide the data to inform the language environment in your school.


The Challenge

“You’re only one person!”

The Solution

Bedrock’s technology personalises learning, reteaches misunderstandings and gives meaningful feedback to every learner in the school.


The Challenge

“Teaching reading is complex”

The Solution

As your learners move from decoding to reading fluency, they need a firm grasp of vocabulary and grammar to construct meaning. Bedrock’s curriculum covers these two vital areas with the aim of improving global reading comprehension and reading fluency.


The Challenge

“It’s hard to know where to start”

The Solution

Bedrock is a web-based solution providing access to a valuable literacy improvement curriculum - we’ve done the curriculum planning for you.

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